DIY: Make a custom mousepad

Here is a project idea for you! Make your own beautiful custom mousepad! You can use recycled fabrics and materials you can find at any craft store.

Difficulty: easy
Needed supplies:fabric of your choicedrawer linerstiff quilting interfacingscissorssewing machine

Step one: Cut your fabric, interfacing, and liner. I chose a final size of 8″ x 8″ for my mousepad. The interfacing and liner were cut 8″ x 8″ but the fabric was cut 10″ x 10″ to ensure enough room to tuck the edges in. I opted to use a corner punch on my interfacing to prevent sharp corners but of course that is entirely up to you!

Step two: Iron & sew *opposite sides*. Don’t skip the ironing step. It’s really what gives your project a smooth surface in the end. While you’re at it, iron the front too. The interfacing is ever so slightly tacky and the iron will make it stick to the fabric. 
Be sure to sew all the way down the side, not just over the interfacing. Again, this will give you a nice flat finish.

Step three: Iron and sew the *other* opposite sides. Take special care when folding to make sure you don’t have any wrinkles.

Step three: Hand sew the drawer liner to the bottom of your mousepad. I mean, if you can get that through a sewing machine have at it but you better send me pictures!

You now have your very own custom mousepad! Yay!

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