Easy to make gifts: Nylon Scrubbers safe for non-stick pans (Teflon)

These scrubbers are safe for Teflon coated pans

Materials needed:

Nylon netting in your choice of colors

(I got 2 yds of green and purple for 67 cents per yd at Walmart)

Corresponding color thread or blanket thread (heavier)

(if you use regular thread – double thickness on needle)

A big eyed needle


A black wide marker

Optional but Helpful: a cut piece of foam board about 6 inches wide for holding net while cutting and for measuring width of cut.

Arrange netting double-thick like it comes off the bolt, place cut 6” wide foam core board on top of netting and cut one section (double thick) the width of the fabric (about 36” long).

If you want to make a fluffier scrubber, cut 2 of these sections.

Fold the netting in half along its length and mark with a wide marker so you have a sewing guide.

Thread your needle with a double thread at least as long as the length of fabric.

Sewing by hand a tightly spaced over and under seam along the netting you have cut.

Gather the netting into a “pom” and stitch together firmly at the center.

Tricky part: From the center of your “pom” fold down each “leaf” of the pom and guide the needle from the center into this new fold, stitch several times at each fold.

Fluff the pom so that it appears reasonably even.

Ta-DA! I was more satisfied with the double-thickness scrubber.

A yard of fabric would cut into 6 – 6” wide strips. If you use 2 strips for each scrubber, that would yield 3 scrubbers per yd of fabric.

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