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Robot cacuumings And Things To Avoid When Using A Vacuum Cleaner

Using a wet-dry shop vacuum is quite a regular job for every family to clean the living space. However, you need basic knowledge to both increase cleaning efficiency and ensure equipment durability. In today’s article, I will introduce to you a very convenient type of vacuum cleaner that is a robot vacuum. I will also show you what to avoid when using the wet-dry shop vacuum. Let’s find out together now.

Robot vacuuming

The robot vacuum cleaner is a technology product that is very popular and used by many families. Handy, automatic, smart, … are all things you can feel about it. It can completely replace the traditional vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly popular and becoming a worldwide trend.

The benefits that robot vacuums bring make cleaning the house becomes extremely easy, effortless, and the efficiency is doubled.

Maybe you have heard a lot about the robot vacuum. However, you still can not imagine the benefits that robot vacuums bring high. You will not need to work hard vacuuming, cleaning the house, just effort, take time.

  • Clean up

Families with young children or pets have many types of dirt that are difficult to clean, such as fur, rubbish, hair loss, etc. These are the culprits that can cause respiratory disease in the family. Conventional vacuum cleaners will not be able to clean them carefully, but robot vacuums can.

With innovative technology that automatically detects dust, the robot vacuum will not disregard any dust.

  • Save time

This is undeniable when we use a smartly programmed technology device.

No need to be in the apartment, just an internet-connected smartphone you can control the mopping robot in any area.

For high-tech devices such as robot vacuums, to save time, we often set the automatic working mode in the absence of humans. At times like this, running out of battery is inevitable. However, thanks to the pre-programmed robot will automatically return to the charging position when the battery is low. Therefore, you do not need to worry about wasting time waiting for the robot vacuum to recharge before continuing with the job.

  • Clean up to places you can’t reach

Under the bed, under the table, under the cabinets, … and many other furniture and dark nooks and crannies in the house are dumps of dust that you can hardly reach. In places like these, the regular vacuum cleaner can’t be cleaned, and cleaning will take time. With a narrow, ultra-compact design, only a radius of 5-10 cm, robots can wriggle into all these slots. The device also has an ultraviolet lamp attached, which kills molds and creates a fragrance when working.

  • Save the house area

The robot vacuum is designed to move by small wheels, flat design, compact with an average radius of 5-10 cm, so it does not occupy the space of ​​the house.

The benefits that robot vacuums bring to the house are truly amazing. So what are you waiting for, buy yourself a robot vacuum because it brings beneficial effects?

Things to avoid when using a vacuum cleaner

Here are some precautions you should prevent when using the vacuum cleaner to limit the technical problems occurring to the machine and increase the cleaning efficiency of the device.

  • Before using each tool, you must check and make sure the filter bag has been rinsed clean. If the container is full of dust, the dust will fill the airways, reducing suction power, causing the machine to operate more and consume more power.
  • While in use, you should always check the air inlet, inlet, hoses, and air inlet holes, do not allow obstacles to obstruct these parts. You should pay special attention to avoid objects with a volume too big compared to the machine’s straw.

  • You should regularly check the motor shaft and bearings, see the lubrication, and the degree of abrasion of the electric brush. If inadequate lubrication or the brush is heavily abraded, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will decrease.
  • It would be best if you did not use a vacuum cleaner in wet places because steam and moisture will reduce the insulation of the engine. Meanwhile, it will leak electricity, endangering the user, in the long run, will quickly damage the machine, causing a fire hazard.
  • To remove stains more quickly, you should clean the wet-dry shop vacuum with soap.
  • With the carpet, you should be careful; you should not rub will damage the fabric. It would help if you used a vacuum cleaner that has a unique carpet feature.
  • You should not use the wet-dry shop vacuum for more than 2 hours. Every time you vacuum, you only smoke about 2-3 minutes, turn off the device, and then turn on to avoid continuous vacuuming. This will cause the motor to overheat, resulting in an electrical leak. During the vacuuming process, if you see signs of a vacuum hose clogged, you should disconnect the power, disassemble the nozzle, clean and then clean the machine to continue.
  • Do not abuse the features of the vacuum cleaner that uses heavy objects such as cobblestones will block the straw. This will cause the device to be unresponsive, leaving it susceptible to fire longer. Besides, you do not use vacuum cleaners to bring out mud or liquid.
  • If the bag or compartment is torn, you have to buy a replacement or have to patch because when punctured, the dust particles will be stuck in the motor to ignite the machine.

In conclusion

With an understanding of robot vacuums as well as their advantages will help you choose for yourself the best wet-dry shop vacuum to use. In particular, with the notes above, you will protect your wet-dry shop vacuum from fire incidents. The durability of the machine will be improved, and the capacity will not be affected due to prolonged usage time.



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